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The Trade and Investment Advocacy Fund (TAF2+) offers support to the poorest developing countries to help them engage in vital trade negotiations.

From 2011-2016, the previous fund (TAF) provided on-demand technical assistance to developing countries. TAF2+, a six-year programme, will build on the previous fund’s successful provision of assistance and increase the technical skills and coordination of trade and investment ministries in developing countries.

TAF2+ aims

  • Establish and maintain a demand-led call down facility
  • Help more developing countries effectively participate – to their advantage- in trade and investment negotiations
  • Increase the technical skills and coordination of trade and investment ministries in developing countries
  • Create a clear focus on using trade and investment negotiations to address poverty and social exclusion
  • Take a strategic ‘portfolio’ approach to deliver targeted, high impact interventions
  • Use collaborative approaches to maximise the Fund’s relevance and buy-in from partners
  • Build sustainability through institutional capacity development
  • Focus on results and evidence-based knowledge and learning
  • Build value for money into all that we do.

TAF2+ will run over six years with a total programme budget of £14 million. The Fund will have four windows:

  1. Negotiation Window (£8 million), which will provide short-term technical support to any developing countries during a negotiation;
  2. Strategic Window (£4 million), that provides medium to long-term technical support to FCDO priority countries prior to, and initially after, a negotiation (such as country level trade analysis and strategy planning);
  3. FCDO Country Office window (£500,000) that provides highly technical trade advice.
  4. Institutional Support Window (£1.5 million), will provide financial support to organisations that deliver niche trade and investment-related services. This will be managed under a direct grant arrangement with FCDO.

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